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Exciting News!

We at the Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse are SO excited to announce

This happy dog just heard the news!

This happy dog just heard the news!

that – with your help – we have successfully reached our kick-off goal of raising $35,000 to initiate the opening of a high-volume, low-cost spay and neuter clinic, the first of its kind in Onondaga County!

Thanks to the generous support of community members, an anonymous donation of $20,000 from a local family, and a $3,000 grant from The Staffworks Fund, AAGS will begin the next phase of clinic development: site selection, acquisition of funding from PetSmart Charities for equipment, and staff selection and training at Humane Alliance in Asheville, NC.

According to Donna Chambers, Vice President of AAGS, Humane Alliance is the premier high-volume spay/neuter training and support organization in the United States. “Humane Alliance will provide: assistance with hiring our staff; training at their facility for staff; hands-on help setting up our clinic; and the vehicle for gaining an additional grant of $85,000 from PetSmart Charities for the purchase of equipment,” explains Chambers.

AAGS’ clinic will serve not only residents who struggle financially, but also rescue groups and shelters.

“Based on information provided by 2012 Census data, more than 44,000 owned cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these much loved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more kittens and puppies each year,” says Linda Young, President of AAGS. “Cost and accessibility of services are the major deterrents for most of these households, and our clinic will address those issues,” she adds.

Young says that preventing these unwanted births drastically decreases the numbers of cats and dogs that join the ranks of the homeless, diseased, and often, sadly, euthanized companion animals. Neutering services also decrease the taxpayer cost of disease prevention, animal control, impounding, and euthanasia.

Because high-volume, low-cost neutering is affordable, preventative, and proactive, it stands head and shoulders above all other attempts to decrease suffering of homeless, diseased, and stray animals in a community.

Local sheltering and rescue efforts struggle to serve well over a thousand animals annually, but cannot keep pace with the numbers of unwanted cats and dogs born each year. Neutering attacks the problem at the source. Over time, accessible low-cost neutering services can reduce Central New York’s notably high euthanasia rate.*

The AAGS clinic will utilize both paid and volunteer staff, operate five days a week performing over 8,000 surgeries annually, offer some volunteer transport for animals, and charge an average of $25 per surgery. AAGS has also received a grant to subsidize fees paid by low-income families over the first three years of the clinic’s operation.

High-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics benefit families, neighborhoods, taxpayers, and our community’s animals.

What IS High-Volume, High-Quality, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter, Anyway? And Why Does It Matter?

When we ask you to support our planned “high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic” (HVHQSN), what – exactly – are we talking about?

Vet in surgery

Vet in surgery


“High-volume spay/neuter clinics  . . . are defined as those whose surgeons each perform 30-40 sterilizations per day.”

We are often asked if the target number of daily surgeries is achieved through simply working faster. The answer is “no.” Most experienced high-volume veterinarians easily achieve these numbers through a combination of time-saving techniques, and partnering with a team of assistants functioning within a highly-efficient system in which they have all been well trained.


AAGS has signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the Humane Alliance in NC, with whom we will train, guaranteeing that our clinic will follow The Association of Shelter Veterinarians, Veterinary Medical Care Guidelines for Spay-Neuter Programs printed in JAVMA on July 1, 2008 (“Guidelines for S/N Programs”). The safety of our patients must be our first priority.


We will work with those citizens from traditionally low-income areas or those who can verify their low-income status through a variety of means. These pet owners are unlikely to have any other access to services for their pets either due to price or lack of transportation.

Services on a sliding scale will be provided to shelters and rescues, which need our capacity to provide appointments for large numbers of animals without long wait times.

Why Does It Matter?

It matters because animals are dying each and every day. The greater our capacity, the more animals we can alter in a day or in a year, and the sooner we can stop their suffering.


“High‐quality, high‐volume spay/neuter programs are efficient surgical initiatives that meet or exceed veterinary medical standards of care in providing accessible, targeted sterilization of large numbers of dogs and cats in order to reduce their overpopulation and subsequent euthanasia,” according to the ASPCA.

To our Friends and Supporters:

On this, the last day of 2014, we find ourselves reflecting on what we have NewYearPetsaccomplished and what remains ahead of us to be done.

We encountered many challenges in 2014 that kept us from getting the clinic up and running. Still . . .


  • Our Court Watch Program followed dozens of animal cruelty and abuse cases through the system advocating for the victims of the crime.
  • As founding members of the CNY Animal Cruelty Task Force, AAGS was instrumental in establishing a new court program in Syracuse whereby all animal-related cases are now heard on the same day of the month by the same judge.
  • Many of you contributed to our Keeping Faith Fund after the emaciated pit bull, Patrick, was found wandering the streets in March. In October, AAGS & Cuse Pit Crew presented the Good Samaritan who provided the tip leading to the perpetrator’s arrest and conviction with a $1,000 reward.

OVERPOPULATION – stray cats, dogs, and euthanasia

  • In April, AAGS received our official acceptance into the National Spay/Neuter Response Team training program offered by the Humane Alliance in North Carolina!
  • Various Board members made field trips to observe high-volume clinics in other areas including Buffalo, NY and Tulsa OK.
  • A Board member traveled to Austin, TX to attend the three-day North American Spay/Neuter Conference.
  • We looked at a number of locations for our clinic, but to date have not found the right one at a price we can afford.
  • Our president, Linda Young, was a speaker at the “Rethinking the Cat Symposium” sponsored by HSUS and held in Syracuse.
  • November found Linda appearing on the pages of Syracuse Woman Magazine, talking about the clinic.
  • We received a pledge of a matching donation to our clinic fund, meaning your gift will go twice as far!
  • Holly Putnam, DVM from Cornell joined our Advisory Board. Dr. Putnam is a high-volume spay/neuter expert and we are excited and honored to have her on our team!

Our #1 goal for 2015 will be to bring to life the high-volume, low-cost spay-neuter clinic which we believe will bring about a day locally when no animal will be euthanized simply for lack of a home!

We made many friends in 2014, including you! That support is invaluable and we thank each and every one of you because we absolutely depend on the generosity of our friends and supporters to carry out our lifesaving work for animals. We could not do what we do without you! With your help, we have made progress, but still have aways to go.

Today is your last chance to make your tax-deductible 2014 donation to help us meet our goal for this year and to support our work for 2015!

May you and your animal companions enjoy a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!

All of us at the Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse

P.S. Donating is so easy! And whatever you give will be matched, dollar for dollar, essentially doubling your donation!



USPS: PO Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088


Not Sexy – Unless You’re A Cat Or Dog

According to 2012 Census data, over 44,000 cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these beloved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more puppies and kittens each year. If we can prevent these unwanted births, we decrease drastically the numbers of cats and dogs that join the ranks of the homeless, diseased, and often, sadly, euthanized.

One proven strategy stands head and shoulders above all others in its ability to decrease the staggering number of homeless and stray animals in our community, euthanized in Syracuse at higher levels than in any other upstate New York city: high-volume spay/neuter services offered at costs affordable for our neighbors living below the poverty level. AAGS is raising funds for just such a clinic to serve these caring but financially-strapped pet families.StrayCat

High-volume, high-quality, very low-cost neutering doesn’t lend itself to heart-tugging ads that rally the public to donate. It is not a “sexy” cause, unless of course you’re a cat or a dog. But it is preventative. That is powerful.


DoubleWhammyAAGS has received an incredible MATCHING DONATION for our clinic! For EVERY DOLLAR you donate, our clinic fund will receive TWO DOLLARS!

DOUBLE your impact and give generously NOW!

Donations may be made by mail at PO Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088; by credit card at; or via your paypal account at!


AAGS is entered in the Crowdrise Thanksgiving Challenge! If we can raise the MOST donations by Thanksgiving, we will win an extra $1,000 toward our high-volume, low-cost clinic!SixOrangeKittens

We need your HELP! Please click here and GIVE generously to reduce euthanasia and SAVE LIVES in our community!


Advocate for Animals – Syracuse Woman Magazine

SyracuseWomanCheck out this month’s issue of Syracuse Woman Magazine for an article about AAGS, by our President, Linda Young!

Linda has given a great overview of our Mission and projects! If you would like to JOIN us in working toward our goals, shoot us an email at

DONATION information is at the end of the article!



We animal people are the most amazingly kindhearted, generous group in the SadPuppyworld! All it takes is a flash of the “puppy dog eyes” or a story about an injured or starving kitty StrayCat

and we are right there to help; and thousands  are spent to “save” animals  “on that list” in a kill shelter.

The clinic that we are undertaking is the means to PREVENT that suffering and that need to rush to the rescue. Our clinic will mean that unwanted animals, destined to be homeless and ultimately to die in some tragic way, will never be born.

Unfortunately, prevention is a harder concept to represent. There are no sad eyes and there is no sense of immediacy that will energize people to write that check or click that “donate” button NOW!

But that is just what we are asking you to do, because we WILL bring this clinic to CNY, but without your generous help, MORE animals will pay the price in the meantime.

Please make your generous donation today! on PayPal

PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088 via snail mail




YouHaveNotLivedAmelia Earhart once said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Imagine the roots that will spread throughout CNY when we are able to spay and neuter 150-200 animals a week, reducing the suffering that overpopulation causes to those without a voice.

We are getting closer and closer to our fund requirement every day, but we need YOU to JOIN us in reaching this goal!

PLEASE donate via check sent to us at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, or by credit card at, or by credit card or PayPal on our Facebook page at, or on our website at

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop