Not Sexy – Unless You’re A Cat Or Dog

According to 2012 Census data, over 44,000 cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these beloved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more puppies and kittens each year. If we can prevent these unwanted births, we decrease drastically the numbers of cats and dogs that join the ranks of the homeless, diseased, and often, sadly, euthanized.

One proven strategy stands head and shoulders above all others in its ability to decrease the staggering number of homeless and stray animals in our community, euthanized in Syracuse at higher levels than in any other upstate New York city: high-volume spay/neuter services offered at costs affordable for our neighbors living below the poverty level. AAGS is raising funds for just such a clinic to serve these caring but financially-strapped pet families.StrayCat

High-volume, high-quality, very low-cost neutering doesn’t lend itself to heart-tugging ads that rally the public to donate. It is not a “sexy” cause, unless of course you’re a cat or a dog. But it is preventative. That is powerful.


DoubleWhammyAAGS has received an incredible MATCHING DONATION for our clinic! For EVERY DOLLAR you donate, our clinic fund will receive TWO DOLLARS!

DOUBLE your impact and give generously NOW!

Donations may be made by mail at PO Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088; by credit card at; or via your paypal account at!


AAGS is entered in the Crowdrise Thanksgiving Challenge! If we can raise the MOST donations by Thanksgiving, we will win an extra $1,000 toward our high-volume, low-cost clinic!SixOrangeKittens

We need your HELP! Please click here and GIVE generously to reduce euthanasia and SAVE LIVES in our community!


Advocate for Animals – Syracuse Woman Magazine

SyracuseWomanCheck out this month’s issue of Syracuse Woman Magazine for an article about AAGS, by our President, Linda Young!

Linda has given a great overview of our Mission and projects! If you would like to JOIN us in working toward our goals, shoot us an email at

DONATION information is at the end of the article!



We animal people are the most amazingly kindhearted, generous group in the SadPuppyworld! All it takes is a flash of the “puppy dog eyes” or a story about an injured or starving kitty StrayCat

and we are right there to help; and thousands  are spent to “save” animals  “on that list” in a kill shelter.

The clinic that we are undertaking is the means to PREVENT that suffering and that need to rush to the rescue. Our clinic will mean that unwanted animals, destined to be homeless and ultimately to die in some tragic way, will never be born.

Unfortunately, prevention is a harder concept to represent. There are no sad eyes and there is no sense of immediacy that will energize people to write that check or click that “donate” button NOW!

But that is just what we are asking you to do, because we WILL bring this clinic to CNY, but without your generous help, MORE animals will pay the price in the meantime.

Please make your generous donation today! on PayPal

PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088 via snail mail




YouHaveNotLivedAmelia Earhart once said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Imagine the roots that will spread throughout CNY when we are able to spay and neuter 150-200 animals a week, reducing the suffering that overpopulation causes to those without a voice.

We are getting closer and closer to our fund requirement every day, but we need YOU to JOIN us in reaching this goal!

PLEASE donate via check sent to us at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, or by credit card at, or by credit card or PayPal on our Facebook page at, or on our website at

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop


EmptyCagesOur goal is to reach a day when there are NO MORE HOMELESS PETS in CNY! There are only two ways to end the killing and dying in CNY shelters and on our streets.

The first way is to increase adoptions. Statistics say, however, that in order to solve the homeless pet crisis in America, each and every person would have to adopt six pets. That is six for you and six for your significant other and six for each child . . .

So while it helps, adoption cannot be the whole answer.

The second way is to make sure that unwanted animals, destined to be homeless, are never born. Each animal should be wanted; each animal should have a reasonable expectation of living a long and healthy life with loving caretakers.


Please JOIN us in this goal! DONATE via check sent to us at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, or DONATE by credit card at, or DONATE by credit card or paypal on our Facebook page at, or DONATE by credit card or paypal on our website at

Saving lives through Spay-Neuter

That is the goal of the high-volume, SadPuppy2low-income spay-neuter clinic we are asking you to support ! If you are on this page, you love animals, and what lover of animals doesn’t want each and every animal to live a long, healthy, happy life with a home of its very own?

Sadly, that is not happening now. The euthanasia rate in Syracuse is one of the highest in upstate NY. Research and experience tell us that the only way to reduce the euthanasia rate is to reduce the numbers of homeless animals; and the most effective way to reduce those numbers is through spay and neuter.

Please – give your pet a hug today, and then give a thought to those still suffering out there. Make a donation to our clinic fund at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, by credit card at, or by credit card or paypal on our Facebook page at or our website at

Why Is A High-Volume, Low-Income Spay-Neuter Clinic So Important to CNY?

Simply, because overpopulation kills animals, and Syracuse’s pound kills the most animals of

Please DONATE via check sent to us at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, or DONATE by credit card at, or DONATE by credit card or paypal on our Facebook page at, or DONATE by credit card or paypal on our website at


Shop AMAZON SMILE to reduce euthanasia in CNY!


Every day that passes, adoptable animals are being euthanized in CNY! Animals that are never born won’t meet with this heartbreaking end. That is why AAGS is working to open a high-volume, high-quality spay-neuter clinic;SadPuppy2

You can help us accomplish this just by SHOPPING! Check out this link for the details – and do what you can to help the animals!