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Shop AMAZON SMILE to reduce euthanasia in CNY!


Every day that passes, adoptable animals are being euthanized in CNY! Animals that are never born won’t meet with this heartbreaking end. That is why AAGS is working to open a high-volume, high-quality spay-neuter clinic;SadPuppy2

You can help us accomplish this just by SHOPPING! Check out this link for the details – and do what you can to help the animals!

Be part of the solution!

Every pet should have a warm, comfy bed with a loving companion, but SO MANY don’t. And euthanasia HumanDogFeetisn’t a happy ending!

YOU can help make this a better community for everyone! Pitch in to build a HIGH VOLUME, HIGH QUALITY, LOW INCOME SPAY-NEUTER CLINIC right here in CNY! So every cat and dog can have a home!

Send your check to PO Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088, pay by Paypal on our on our website at or by credit card at

No amount is too small because every little bit helps!

Say it loud and say it proud–SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

Now you can not only say it, you can WEAR it!

Here’s a whimsical reminder that “fixing” our pets is critical to the well-being of our animals and our community.  Each year thousands of unwanted, un-cared for pets are born in Central New York, leading to homelessness, great suffering, and euthanasia.

Cap 053


By wearing one of these eye-catching caps you send a friendly message about the importance of spay/neuter services, and you also promote a solution: the creation of a high-volume, very low cost spay/neuter clinic by the Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse.

Cap 068


Every cat and dog deserves a chance at a healthy, happy life.




Keep your eyes here for purchase information coming soon!

AAGS Featured in Eagle Newspapers

AAGS has been featured in the Eagle Newspapers this week! See the article here.


Too many animals for the available homes leads to an unacceptably high euthanasia rate in CNY! The rate of animals killed for lack of homes in Syracuse is higher than an other city in upstate NY.Image

AAGS has a solution! A high volume, high quality spay-neuter clinic for rescues, shelters, and the low income of Central New York could alter 30-40 animals per day with one vet. We already have several vets lined up and are willing to train more! We have been approved for this training by the premiere US trainer in these procedures, the Humane Alliance. We are looking for a location in Syracuse.

We have to raise $35,000 in “rainy day” funding before actually being scheduled for this training. That is to cover costs as the clinic “ramps up” to full capacity. For that we need your help!

Please visit our page on to donate. Every little bit helps, BUT if you are unable to contribute at this time, please pass our link on to others who may be able to help!





Our New Brochure


Download our newest brochure, telling all about “THE PROBLEM” and the “TINY FIX SOLUTION” and HOW YOU CAN HELP right to your computer.


T-shirt Prototype

Marcia's freehand designs garnered lots of attention!

Marcia’s freehand designs garnered lots of attention!

The other shirt was fluorescent blue. How many would you like?

The other shirt was fluorescent blue. How many would you like?

What do you think of our new t-shirt? Isn’t it fun?

Did you know . . .

The Problem AND the Solution By The Numbers . . .

Our Tiny Fix Flyer by the numbers.

Our Tiny Fix Flyer by the numbers.


Weekend Events

AAGS members had a busy, WINDY weekend talking to folks about the issue of spay-neuter.

Karen and Marcia setting up for Pet-riotic

Karen and Marcia setting up for Pet-riotic

Karen ready to talk to folks while Marcia surveys the setup. What works? What can we do better next time?

Karen ready to talk to folks while Marcia surveys the setup. What works? What can we do better next time?

Spayed kitty

Spayed kitty

This lucky boy was just neutered!

This lucky boy was just neutered!


AAGS is thrilled to report that we have been accepted for training by the National Spay/Neuter Response Team at the Humane Alliance in NC, the preeminent training program in “High Volume, High Quality, Spay-Neuter.”

The acceptance letter reads in part, “The goal of the NSNRT is to end shelter pet overpopulation nationwide, and your participation is critical in implementing the solution.”

More than 44,000 dogs and cats live in Onondaga County households that exist below the poverty level and are unable to afford the cost of neutering surgery; consequently, the majority of these 44,000 pets are not neutered and pump out countless litters of unwanted puppies and kittens each year.

Given those statistics, it is not surprising that CNY has one of the highest euthanasia rates in New York State.

AAGS is committed to ending pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of healthy animals in the CNY area. This training will be a huge step in that direction!