What Have We Been Up To?

Originally posted on Facebook August 2011

It has been a busy summer, and we haven’t always had the time to keep you updated! Since we don’t want you to think we’ve been lying around doing nothing, we have compiled a list of events we have attended, networking we have done, and foundations we have laid toward future collaborations.

On April 11, we hired Atty. Dirk Oudemool to help us address the cat law issue in Salina. Since that time, the Salina Town Board has suspended any prosecutions relative to the cat law and is temporarily using Linda Young’s voluntary services on behalf of the Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) to deal with any cat issues. While there have been several complaints, there have not been nearly enough to justify all the time and taxpayers’ money that has been spent to date. Linda has dealt with them all easily with no need to kill any animals. Unfortunately, that temporary resolution expires at the end of August, and they may be back to trapping and killing again.

On April 26, AAGS President Linda Young spoke at an event sponsored by People for Animal Rights (PAR). The topic of her presentation was “Working Together to Find Answers to the Homeless Pet Crisis in CNY.”

On May 7, we participated in the Dog Daze Pet Shop’s “Paws for a Cause” at Drivers Village in Cicero. Lots of networking there!

On May 21, we participated in the New Haven Pet Expo.

On June 1, five of us attended the first annual Animal Advocacy Day in Albany and advocated to strengthen Busters Law (animal abuse).

On June 11, a group of us traveled to Oswego to assess a privately operated animal sanctuary.

On June 16, we met with Councilor Jean Kessner for a short course in public relations.

On July 14, we sent a letter to Syracuse City Clerk John Copanas requesting a meeting to discuss our proposed changes to the dog licensing protocols. After writing to him, however, we concluded that it might also be helpful to share information pertaining to budget issues with Budget Director Mary Vossler in order to convey the benefits of the Calgary model to as many people as possible. Toward that end, we have also contacted Ms. Vossler. We feel that implementing some of the methodologies developed in Calgary, Canada, could not only save the city money, but actually bring money IN to the city’s coffers!

On July 30 and 31, President Linda Young traveled to Washington, DC to attend the 2011 No Kill Conference at George Washington University Law School. It was an outstanding conference and she brought back a great deal of excellent information.

On August 6, we participated in the Pricilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation Canine Carnival, making many fine contacts there.

On August 7, a group of us attended the ASPCA/Cornell Shelter Medicine Conference in Ithaca.

On August 17 several group members attended a two-hour webinar sponsored by PetSmart Charities. The speaker was Bill Bruce, Director of Animal and Bylaw Services for the City of Calgary, and his topic was “The Calgary Model for Success.”

AAGS will be involved in the Animal Welfare Coalition Animal Wellness Clinics for low-income city residents. The first one will be held on 9/11/11 at St. Lucy’s gym in Syracuse from 1:00 -4:00 pm.

Linda Young was approached by the Democratic Party in Salina to run for the Town Board in Ward 1. She needed 150 petition signatures in order to be listed on the Independent party line on November’s ballot. She got 200. She is hearing that people are very unhappy.  If nothing changes, nothing changes. VOTE in Salina this year for the HUMANE and GREEN solutions. (HINT: It’s the Democrats!)


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