Refueling the Human-Animal Connection

The Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse is very proud to introduce its program, Cuse Pit Crew, “refueling the Human-Animal Connection in the City of Syracuse, NY through community outreach and educational programming, while advocating for pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds.”

This highly energetic and enthusiastic group of mostly young people has taken this program to heart and it has simply taken off! To learn more, please go to

Where did our inspiration come from?

The Pickett Brothers - They form part of the E...

The Pickett Brothers - They form part of the End Dog fighting team in Chicago (Photo credit: bbcworldservice)

The Humane Society of the United States began the End Dogfighting program in 2006. After hearing about the creative ways that they were utilizing community resources to strengthen the bond between at-risk individuals and dogs that were known to be victims of abuse, the members now known as the Cuse Pit Crew reached out to the founders of this program in the fall of 2011 to learn more.The members of the Humane Society of the United States provided Cuse Pit Crew with invaluable resources to begin a similar program to that of which they started in Chicago, branched out to Atlanta and just began in Philadelphia in 2010. We are proud to say that in Syracuse we are modeling our program after the successful campaign that the Humane Society of the United States has implemented.

A community problem needs a community solution supported by all.

Since 2006, the End Dogfighting program (now called the Pets for Life® program) has applied “a unique multi-pronged approach—community outreach, pit bull training classes, humane education curriculum, and law enforcement partnerships—to provide positive alternatives for people and dogs at risk of being—or already involved in—street dogfighting.” According to this Campaign, “It has become clear that animal fighting doesn’t occur in a vacuum; it’s part of a host of issues in a community. We’ve learned we can help more dogs and come closer to ending dogfighting by not being narrowly focused but rather addressing a wider range of animal welfare issues in the community.” Cuse Pit Crew hopes to work with law enforcement, local legislators, animal and public service organizations, and educators to “refuel the human-animal connection” in the City of Syracuse.

Strengthening the human-animal bond makes the difference.

Together we can strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs. And it doesn’t stop there. We connect owners with affordable veterinary services, engage the community in concerns about animal wellness, and create ties between dog owners and local shelters and groups. The result is dogs who have become more valuable to their owners, and owners who are less likely to fight their dogs. Everybody wins.


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