The Saga of the Salina Cat Law Continues . . . .

Originally posted on facebook April 15, 2011

At one point, supporters became so frustrated with the Salina lawyer’s inability to draft a humane law we could support, that we actually wrote one ourselves! Using their law as a basis, we went over it line by line, removing the objectionable parts and inserting items to make it more acceptable. We submitted it to the Board and waited. And waited. And waited . . . . .

Finally, “our law” was presented for a public hearing. Numerous people spoke in favor of it, nobody spoke in opposition. The public hearing was carried over until the next Board meeting, however, because “we think there are some people who want to oppose it who couldn’t be here tonight.”  At the continuation of the public hearing two weeks later, several people spoke about problems with cats, but nothing they said had anything to do with the new law. We successfully addressed their concerns following the meeting, but meanwhile, the public hearing was held over for yet another two weeks . . . . .

The third public hearing date came around, and again, nobody came to oppose the law, while supporters filled  one side of the room and several addressed the Board in favor. The public hearing was closed, but a vote was not taken. Ultimately the Board had to take the responsibility for shooting down the law saying, “somebody has to be held accountable!” For what? Acts of God?

As it turns out, we are grateful that law was not passed. We have, without following their model, written our own law, which is a mere page and a half long rather than seven. It is humane rather than punitive, and it saves the taxpayers money. We think the taxpayers will like it even if the Board doesn’t.


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