Town of Salina Update

Originally published on Facebook May 12,l 2011

We have been notified that the Salina Town Board has approved a 3-month suspension of the owner and caretaker penalties in the current cat law. Their stated intent is to discard the old law and write a new one. This represents terrific progress in our battle with them!  If you live in Salina and want to comment on this new law, please contact your representative!

AAGS has worked hard and long to convey to this Board community concerns about the necessity for HUMANE laws regarding cats. We have given them reams of paper and link upon link regarding Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs and how they are being implemented in other areas. We have told them about the thousands of taxpayer $$ they could save by  working WITH TNR caretakers who are doing the RIGHT thing in their community out of their own pockets rather than simply trapping and killing the cats (creating a vacuum into which new cats will be drawn.) The light seems to be dawning on this issue, to some extent at least. Our last conversation still contained the sticking point that they required that feral cat caretakers register with the Town clerk, which is not going to happen since the Town has pulled the rug out from under them, ala Charlie Brown and the football, many times in the past.

Another issue is that the Town’s actions continue to be governed by a small number of chronic complainers who call the Town if a cat merely walks on their property, causing no harm or damage whatsoever. (These also seem to be the same people who complain if their neighbor shovels any snow onto their property, or if leaves from their neighbor’s tree blow onto their lawn.)

Please contact your representative and let him or her know that you support HUMANE and UNDERSTANDABLE laws regarding cats. The current law regarding dogs is a few paragraphs long. The law regarding cats is SEVEN PAGES long and extremely punitive. AAGS has drafted a humane law, or policy, that is only two pages long. This is the law we would like them to propose.

When you speak with your representative, please suggest that they use the money they have been using to KILL cats ($150 each) to locate and prosecute those abandoning animals – in accordance with NYS law. THIS is where the overpopulation problem begins, and this is where we have to choke it off.


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