Betcha thought we were going to say “cats,” didn’t you?  The cats remain an issue, but there is currently no open discussion about them due to the lawsuit filed by the Animal Alliance and several taxpayers whose cats were stolen by the Town – a mom and her kitten were killed at the CNYSPCA, another one was injured and nearly killed even though it was microchipped!

But enough about the cats. Now the Town Board has moved on to the killing of coyotes.

Three or four families have expressed concern about the coyote, which was allegedly seen by one resident grabbing and shaking a cat , so they want the Town to loosen restrictions against firearms in their area temporarily to allow Nuisance Control Agent Al LaFrance to kill it. His methodology would be to erect a tower from which to shoot the coyote after calling it with a distressed animal call. The Town Board refers to him as a “wildlife expert.”

Meanwhile, word has spread, and a REAL wildlife expert from Buffalo, with a list of credentials covering a page and a half, wants to address the Town Board. Coyote Expert and Nuisance Wildlife Control Agent Elise Able, president of Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue, contacted Supervisor Mark Nicotra, requesting approximately 15 minutes to do a presentation at the upcoming Board meeting on Monday, April 23. Given that LaFrance was allotted time well in excess of that, then was allowed to return to the podium to rebut statements of others, her request doesn’t seem unreasonable to us, but it was denied. She will be allowed only 3-5 minutes.

This Board seems to specialize in making uninformed decisions. They appear to make up their minds BEFORE the evidence is presented, then don’t want to hear any more. Is this what the taxpayers elected them to do?


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