Our Current Project!

Our grant meeting this week with the Community Foundation in Syracuse went well. Things are looking up for our big project which could be underway by September!

Shelters are full, rescue groups overwhelmed with calls for help. People who find strays or who have to re-home pets have no options, with animals – mostly intact – often left on the streets. Dog bites are overwhelmingly from intact dogs. Dogs are picked up at taxpayer expense, 96% of those taken in by Syracuse Animal Control are killed. Cats are left to reproduce, causing ever-growing numbers of feral cats, and affecting quality of life issues on many levels.

Almost every pet-related issue has pet overpopulation at its base.

So what is the answer? AAGS believes the answer is accessible spay/neuter, affordable for EVERYONE. Coming your way, CNY – very soon!

This happy dog has been neutered!


2 thoughts on “Our Current Project!

    • June, we are still putting the funding together, but we expect to conduct a test run this fall, then actually begin the clinics in the spring. Thanks for your interest!


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