Community Impact Award

English: Feral cat, sterilized through a Trap-...

English: Feral cat, sterilized through a Trap-Neuter-Return program. The cat is shown recovering in a humane trap after spay surgery and was later released at the site of trapping. Note notch at tip of the cat’s right ear, marking it as a sterilized feral cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse is proud to announce that it is the New York State winner of the 2012 Community Impact Award given by Alley Cat Allies! This award is given with the intent of helping communities become safe places for cats.

In the CNY area, our shelters are always full, and rescues are overwhelmed. Many pet owners without means have no alternative but to abandon their cats when they move. Since 80% of them are not altered, this means ever more cats on the streets breeding.

Experience tells us that  spaying and neutering for family pets and TNR for community (feral or stray) cats are the most successful and cost effective ways to go about correcting this problem. We endeavor to carry this message wherever we go, and to arrange for low-cost surgeries as often as possible!

This grant will further this Mission  to the benefit of the entire community. Many thanks to Alley Cat Allies!


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