If you’ve been waiting to see how you could help bring about our vision of no more homeless animals in our community, we’re ready for you! Here are a few ways you can get involved:


Spring, summer, and even fall are full of them! We need some enthusiastic, energetic volunteers to help with set up, tear down, and, of course, to spread our message to the public!


We must raise $135,000! That’s what it will take to make our dream of a high volume, high quality, low income spay-neuter clinic come true this Fall. Could you research or write a grant? Drum up corporate sponsorship? Contact media to advertise our clinic and our fundraisers? Distribute flyers and posters? Dream up a fundraiser–large or small? Organize or help with a fundraising event?


AAGS members attend court hearings of all city animal abuse cases, as well as many cases heard in the town courts. Sitting very quietly and respectfully, our members’ presence is in support of the victimized animal. Via a polite, concise note to the judge, we make our advocacy known. AAGS’ silent presence at these cases has been duly noted by both the court and the media. Might you like to attend any hearings to bear witness for the animals?


As the reality of our high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic grows nearer, we must build relationships with and encourage the participation of those segments of our community where the need for this service is most pressing. Speaking informally with church groups, school organizations, community centers, food pantries, social service providers, civic organizations, local merchants, and local government representatives will be crucial to build trust and gain support. If you like face-to-face informal contact with some of our neighbors, this might be just the job for you. While we will begin by focusing on our inner-city neighbors, we will exist to serve all of the income-eligible in Onondaga County.

Community outreach can even include small, targeted campaigns to get dogs licensed. Interested in devising or helping to execute that activity? Talk to us!


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