Too many animals for the available homes leads to an unacceptably high euthanasia rate in CNY! The rate of animals killed for lack of homes in Syracuse is higher than an other city in upstate NY.Image

AAGS has a solution! A high volume, high quality spay-neuter clinic for rescues, shelters, and the low income of Central New York could alter 30-40 animals per day with one vet. We already have several vets lined up and are willing to train more! We have been approved for this training by the premiere US trainer in these procedures, the Humane Alliance. We are looking for a location in Syracuse.

We have to raise $35,000 in “rainy day” funding before actually being scheduled for this training. That is to cover costs as the clinic “ramps up” to full capacity. For that we need your help!

Please visit our page on to donate. Every little bit helps, BUT if you are unable to contribute at this time, please pass our link on to others who may be able to help!






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