Saving lives through Spay-Neuter

That is the goal of the high-volume, SadPuppy2low-income spay-neuter clinic we are asking you to support ! If you are on this page, you love animals, and what lover of animals doesn’t want each and every animal to live a long, healthy, happy life with a home of its very own?

Sadly, that is not happening now. The euthanasia rate in Syracuse is one of the highest in upstate NY. Research and experience tell us that the only way to reduce the euthanasia rate is to reduce the numbers of homeless animals; and the most effective way to reduce those numbers is through spay and neuter.

Please – give your pet a hug today, and then give a thought to those still suffering out there. Make a donation to our clinic fund at PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, by credit card at, or by credit card or paypal on our Facebook page at or our website at


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