We animal people are the most amazingly kindhearted, generous group in the SadPuppyworld! All it takes is a flash of the “puppy dog eyes” or a story about an injured or starving kitty StrayCat

and we are right there to help; and thousands  are spent to “save” animals  “on that list” in a kill shelter.

The clinic that we are undertaking is the means to PREVENT that suffering and that need to rush to the rescue. Our clinic will mean that unwanted animals, destined to be homeless and ultimately to die in some tragic way, will never be born.

Unfortunately, prevention is a harder concept to represent. There are no sad eyes and there is no sense of immediacy that will energize people to write that check or click that “donate” button NOW!

But that is just what we are asking you to do, because we WILL bring this clinic to CNY, but without your generous help, MORE animals will pay the price in the meantime.

Please make your generous donation today! on PayPal

PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088 via snail mail




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