Not Sexy – Unless You’re A Cat Or Dog

According to 2012 Census data, over 44,000 cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these beloved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more puppies and kittens each year. If we can prevent these unwanted births, we decrease drastically the numbers of cats and dogs that join the ranks of the homeless, diseased, and often, sadly, euthanized.

One proven strategy stands head and shoulders above all others in its ability to decrease the staggering number of homeless and stray animals in our community, euthanized in Syracuse at higher levels than in any other upstate New York city: high-volume spay/neuter services offered at costs affordable for our neighbors living below the poverty level. AAGS is raising funds for just such a clinic to serve these caring but financially-strapped pet families.StrayCat

High-volume, high-quality, very low-cost neutering doesn’t lend itself to heart-tugging ads that rally the public to donate. It is not a “sexy” cause, unless of course you’re a cat or a dog. But it is preventative. That is powerful.


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