A Leg Up is a Helping Hand

Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse is happy to announce a new partnership with Dewitt Animal Hospital-Shelter to offer a Leg Up to pets that arrive at the shelter suffering not only from homelessness but also from significant yet treatable medical conditions.

In need of safe and loving homes, these wonderful dogs and cats first require extra veterinary treatment. This care can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the condition—from generalized mange to extreme starvation to serious injuries resulting from accidents, abuse, or even dogfighting.

You can help. Your tax-deductible donations to AAGS’ Leg Up Fund will help defray these special veterinary expenses. AAGS will feature each specific animal at Dewitt Animal Hospital- Shelter for whom we announce an appeal, sharing updates on the animal’s progress toward health and a new home.

Right now our task is to build the fund and put it to work. Donations can be made to Leg Up Fund c/o Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse via check or money order to PO Box 94, Liverpool 13088, credit card or PayPal. Please visit https://animalallianceofgreatersyracuse.org/ or find us on Facebook. Let’s give these hurting and homeless pets a fighting chance with a Leg Up!



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