We’re smiling right with you, Ga’jyah!

Bet you never knew you had your very own “village” traveling with you every step of the way during your incredible journey.

They prayed for you, they made sure others knew you needed their help, and they sent their dollars to get you that help. They are your HEROES, Ga’jyah.

Just think, Ga’jyah, you went from death’s door…
…to Cornell Veterinary Hospital where skillful vets SAVED YOUR LIFE…
…to the gentle hands, watchful eyes, and kind heart of Rez Paws where you grew strong again…
…to the welcoming home of DGI Paws Rescue at Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare, LLC., your final stop as you waited for a devoted family of your own to come forward.

You are well, Ga’jyah. You are safe and loved. Your friends who have shared your story and their dollars are all still with you, and we all rejoice that the truly glorious day finally came – YOU ARE HOME!
To help us complete payment for Ga’jyah’s treatment by making a tax-deductible contribution to our fund:
* Note “LEG UP” in online instructions to seller or on your check. Online:
By mail: AAGS, P.O. Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088






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