Arabella Has Gone Home!

UPDATE: The wait is over…ARABELLA HAS GONE HOME!!!! LEG UP’s very first kitty leaves us with full hearts. Happy life to you, Arabella, and to your wonderful forever family! And thank you to all your friends who made today a dream come true!

Not Sexy – Unless You’re A Cat Or Dog

According to 2012 Census data, over 44,000 cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these beloved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more puppies and kittens each year. If we can prevent these unwanted births, we decrease drastically the numbers of cats and…

Advocate for Animals – Syracuse Woman Magazine

Check out this month’s issue of Syracuse Woman Magazine for an article about AAGS, by our President, Linda Young! Linda has given a great overview of our Mission and projects! If you would like to JOIN us in working toward our goals, shoot us an email at DONATION information is at the end of…