The Problem and the Answer

What Is The Problem?

Our animal shelters are full. Our rescues are full. People who have to re-home their pets have no place to go. Thousands of cats are “dumped” on our streets each year, often to reproduce and add to the problem of homeless animals, while too many pets—cats and dogs—to count land in our animal shelters. We can’t work any harder, but we can work smarter. Looking at successful programs from around the country, we have borrowed the best ideas from such diverse programs as the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, the City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services, and the Animal Alliance of Western New York, with the goal of working together to ensure that every adoptable pet has a home, that no more pets are euthanized in shelters, and that homeless animals no longer wander our streets.

What Do We Propose?

The Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse proposes a collaboration between shelters, rescuers, Animal Control, police, and other agencies who can share resources, expertise, and information. Patterned after the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC‘s Animals, we hope to bring or expand programs with a common objective: No more homeless pets. We also look forward to coordinated, multi-agency responses in animal hoarding and animal cruelty situations, greater compliance with licensing and nuisance laws, and a more enlightened and responsible attitude toward companion animals in the City of Syracuse and surrounding areas.

7 thoughts on “The Problem and the Answer

  1. The SU students have left and with that, there seems to be more homeless
    young cats in the university area. Is there anyone who does TNR in Syracuse or ANY cat rescue group(s) who will humanely trap a non-feral cat and foster it/shelter it/save it, etc.?


      • Well Paula, I am pretty familiar with CNYCC. They are a very dedicated, very small group of volunteers, all of whom have jobs, and families, and all of the other responsibilities that you do.

        Because their numbers are limited and they get an overwhelming number of calls each day, they have to triage them, tending to the most urgent first. “Nothing” hardly describes all that those volunteers do.

        Maybe you could ask for the loan of a trap and lessons on how to do TNR. I’m sure they would be ecstatic!


  2. Please Help! I have two rescues, and a homeless cat keeps coming to the patio door. I have no room, and my cats have such a bad reaction to it, howling commences any time he shows up. In the middle of the night or day. It’s driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do. It’s been over a month.


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